Friday, December 18, 2009

Illegal Cp Pictures Is 12chan Legal Or Illegal?

Is 12chan legal or illegal? - illegal cp pictures

I have learned to lick 12CHAN and seams for a sick place. the only thing I am is what it is perfectly legal. I searched the internet and someone said, they follow the laws and only the movement of people from the PP are illegal activities. Is that true? its stupid how people away.


Website M said...

is illegal as child pornography, but is not illegal for girls under 18, are naked, because it is assumed), art (in most countries, so that the girls are not legal no sex (thought in some countries is illegal, but because She 's on the Internet, while the server is in a country where it is legal to do something no one

Snow Miser RG said...

Yes, it is an image consulting.
If someone has sent the child pornography would be deleted.

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